Limited Scope

A number of the courses trained and assessed at GATc Ltd are also available in limited scope. As the title suggests, the qualification provide a restricted qualification, however, one that qualfies you carry out a specific element of work / task. Examples of limited scope courses are outlined below.

  • CMA2LS - Specific limited scope for meter installers (natural gas)
  • MET3LS – Install domestic meter (Limited scope)
  • COCNPI1LS – Commercial natural gas (Limited scope)
  • ICPNLS – First fix for commercial pipe-work (Limited scope)
  • ICAE1LS – First fix for commercial appliances (Limited scope)
  • CMITLS – Commercial meter instrumentation (limited scope)

GATc Ltd delivers the same high standard of training and assessment for limited scope courses, as we do for all other courses available at our centre. Please contact us for fuller details of any limited scope course that you’re interested in undertaking.