Emergency Service Provider

Gas Engineers employed as Emergency Service Providers, (ESPs), will typically hold the requisite qualification CESP1. GATc Ltd provides training and assessment at a single site, supporting you in attaining or renewing your CESP1 certification. Typically this qualification will provide you with knowledge that helps you to assess the type, magnitude and urgency of a gas leak, incident or emergency. The training also helps you to make the correct decisions and take action/s that mitigates the risk to human life, injuries and damage to properties. ESP Engineers commonly add further qualifications to their portfolio, allowing them to undertake work such as installing, testing, purging and commissioning gas pipe-work; also installing, exchanging and removing gas meters. No matter how little or how much you wish to add to your qualifications, GATc Ltd can provide you with the training and assessment required. Contact GATC Ltd for all your gas related training needs.

Emergency Service Provider

Core Emergency Service Provider - Natural Gas

CESP1, Emergency Service Provider - Natural Gas, is the core qualification for ESPs and is normally a pre-requisite to have before attaining any further ESP qualifications. There are some exceptions to this, but generally most candidates will be conversant with CCN1, or already be in possession of this qualification before adding others.

This course is available at our Cardiff Centre: GATC (Wales) Ltd, Pontypridd, CF37 5UA  Ring 01443 841720 to book or enquire  

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