Industrial Tightness Testing

Testing of larger volume pipe-work installations encompasses an increased number of tests compared to that required for domestic installations. Testing of domestic installations is covered under TPCP1B, for installation volumes up to 0.035m3. Greater volumes, 0.035m3 to 1m3 and subsequently greater than 1m3 are covered by TPCP1A and TPCP1 respectively. Testing of installations includes:

  • Assessment of the installation to be tested
  • Decisions regarding the testing regime to be followed
  • Safety considerations and mitigating actions
  • The number and type of tests to be carried out
  • Actions required prior to testing
  • Testing itself & actions required to safely conclude testing
  • Associated certification of the installation tested.

All of the above is included within our comprehensive training and assessment programme; with our help you will learn how to safely perform all of the above and other requirements of the procedures. We provide everything you’ll need to pass the relevant assessment and become qualified to carry out industrial testing.