Commercial Laundry

Commercial Gas Laundry is still a common installation to be found in many High streets up and down the country. Our training covers what you’ll need to know in order to safely install, service & commission commercial gas laundry appliances. To undertake the training you will either already hold a core commercial qualification, or an equivalent, converting your domestic qualification to commercial. Don't worry if you don't as we can add which ever is approriate at the time you undertake your commercial gas laundry training & assessment. Please contact us for further information and to book your place on one of our courses.  

Commercial Laundry

Core Commercial Gas Laundry

CCLNG1, Core Commercial Gas Laundry, is a pre-requisite to have before attaining the additional qualification, CLE1 – Installation of Commercial Gas Laundry Appliances. This is only available at our South Wales Centre.

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