TPCP1 & 1A - Strength Testing, Tightness Testing & Purging

TPCP1 and 1A is the core qualification for strength testing, Tightness testing and purging of low pressure installations. Generally candidates will already have attained CCN1, COCNPI1LS or CCN1+ CoDNCO1 before training for and attaining this qualification.

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TPCP1 is the qualification for strength testing, tightness testing and purging of industrial installations, not exceeding 16bar pressure. TPCP1A is the qualification for strength testing, tightness testing and purging of low pressure installations, not exceeding 1m3.  In summary, TPCP1 + 1A covers the following high level areas of learning and competence:

  • Strength Testing
  • Tightness testing
  • Direct purging
  • Gas Safety Regulations
  • Emergency Actions
  • Re-establishing gas supplies
  • Relevant unsafe situations


As you can see TPCP1 + 1A contains several modules and therefore training takes about three days to complete, actual time dependent upon whether this is the first time you’ve completed this training or if it is a refresher course to renew your qualifications. You must also allow time to undertake and successfully pass the associated TCPC1 + 1A theory and practical assessments. These generally take about two days to complete, again dependent upon the time you as an individual need to complete them.

If you wish to complete either TPCP1 or TPCP1A on their own then please contact us for a tailored quote.

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Reference Qualification  
CCCN1 Core Commercial Catering Gas Safety
CCLNG1 Core Commercial Gas Laundry
CCN1 Core Domestic Gas Safety
CESP1 Core Emergency Service Provider – Natural Gas
COCN1 Core Commercial Natural Gas
CODC1 Changeover, Core Domestic to Commercial Catering Gas Safety
CoDNCO1 Changeover Core Domestic to Core Commercial Gas Safety
CoDNESP1 Change over -Domestic To Commercial Meters, E.S.P.

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Reference Qualification  
TPCP1 Strength Testing, Tightness Testing & Purging
TPCP1A Strength Testing, Tightness Testing & Purging – Up to 1m3
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