CAVW - Cavity Wall

This Cavity Wall technician training helps to define the responsibility involved when installing cavity wall insulation with specific regard to appliances burning Gas, Oil or solid fuel.

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This course is designed to enable technicians to recognise different types of appliances, including their ventilation requirements and flue systems.

Technicians will be trained to recognise combustion characteristics on appliances and to identify problems as they arise. By the end of the course operatives will be confident that they have sufficient understanding and knowledge in order to take the necessary actions to ensure the safety of both themselves and the customer.

The training also covers the correct testing of flues for both flue-flow and spillage to ensure they operate properly, safely and to recognise any changes in the performance after walls have been insulated.

Additionally the training will cover the requirements for carrying out risk assessments and correct completion of associated paperwork. 

To conclude this course candidates will be required to sit a written assessment in order to gain their qualification.

This course does not attract certification fees.   Certificate issued from Technical Gas Training Ltd


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CAVW Cavity Wall
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