CCCN1Train - Commercial Catering Training

Commercial Catering Training covers all you need to know and allows you to go on to complete COMCATS 1, 3 & 5 the duration is 1 day and youi need a valid core for it to sit on.

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1 day Training £145
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Commercial Catering Training is a one day training day which will become your Core Commercial Training. If you have chosen to undertake commercial training then it is still not mandatory to complete either this training day or the Commercial Heating Training day in order to cover fully your chosen Core Commercial Assessment; heating or catering.

This training day will cover the Core Commercial  as well as all you need to know in order to progress to COMCATS 1, 3  &  5 training and asessments.

For assessment prices please visit our assessments page for Commercial Catering.

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Experience Relevant demonstrable experience
Training Our New Entrant Training Program

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